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06_13 July 2019

Full frame  Digital SLR

300 2.8 LENS

Enchanting and changing landscapes as I would never have imagined them; cliffs, hills, forests, mountains and charming villages but, above all, an incredible fauna!


The only problem is the time: you have to be a little lucky and I wasn’t very, but I'll definitely make up for it on another occasion!



12-18 May 2018

20-25 November 2018

APS-C Digital SLR
300 2.8 LENS


A two-hour drive from Madrid, this magnificent destination, mentioned among the top 100 best birding sites, offers a large quantity and variety of birdlife all year round.

In spring  the pastures are covered by an explosion of gaudy colours that give a wonderful added value to the many attractions of this land.

Lofoten and Vesteralen (Norway)

01-10 June 2012

APS-C Digital SLR

100-400 LENS


A dream place for all lovers of landscape photography and equally rich in extraordinary wildlife

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