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"In tutte le cose della natura c’è qualcosa di meraviglioso"

This quote by Aristotle fully reflects my philosophy.

I have always loved photography, even though I always used this means to capture moments that otherwise would have got "lost in time". Years ago I felt the need to satisfy a deep curiosity for the animal world, for this reason I decided to dedicate some time to this photographic genre.

My love for animals drives me to "tiptoe" into their world, trying, as far as possible, not to affect their daily life. I use several camouflage systems and, like a child, I always enjoy creating new ones.

By personal and questionable choice, I do not photograph from hides set up for "fee-paying photographic tourism" and I never use acoustic calls.

On this site I do not show photographs of wild animals in captivity, semi-captivity or tamed.

With sunflower seeds placed in winter feeders in the garden of my house I obtain some beautiful images of the birds that temporarily take advantage of it.


I thank all visitors to this site for the opportunity they give me to share my emotions and to spread my love for nature.

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